Loss of Brain Connection with Age

This is inevitable: connection congestion in the brain slows down our physical response time as we get older, according to new research.

 slows down our physical response time when we get stuck in brain connections with age

This slower reaction is connected with age-related disorders of the corpus callosum which is part of the brain that functions as a dam during one-sided motor movements to prevent unwanted connections or cross communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, said Rachael Seidler, a professor at the University The Michigan School of Kinesiology and the Department of Psychology, and who is the chair of the study, as reported on August 19, 2010 by ScienceDaily.

At other times, the function of the corpus callosum as a bridge and cross communication, is useful as in certain cognitive functions or two-sided motor skills.

The University of Michigan study is the first to show that cross communication occurs even when older adults are at rest, said Seidler, who also took part in the Gerontology and Neurology Institute Advanced Study Program. This non-working cross communication shows that it is not beneficial for the two hemispheres to communicate during one-sided motor movements because the other side of the brain controls moving parts of the body. So, when both sides of the brain communicate simultaneously while one side of the body tries to move, there will be confusion and a slower response, said Seidler.

Previous studies have shown that cross communication in the brain during motor activity increases with age but it is not clear if cross communication helps or hinders brain function, Seidler said. Human Anatomy and Physiology 11th edition

“Cross communication is not a function of activity difficulties because we see changes in the brain when people do not move,” Seidler said.

In some diseases where the corpus callosum is severely deteriorated as in people with multiple sclerosis, you can see “twin movements” during one-sided motor activity, where both sides move together because there is a lot of communication between the two hemispheres, Seidler said . The movement of these twins also normally occurs in very young children before the corpus callosum develops perfectly.

In the study, the researchers provided control levers in adults between 65 and 75 and then measured and compared their response times with the 20-25 year age group.

The researchers then used Magnetic Resonance Imaging to map blood oxygen levels in various places in the brain, in other words measurements of brain activity.

“The more they use the other side of the brain, the slower they respond,” Seidler said.

But there is hope, inevitable aging does not mean that it has become our fate to react more slowly. Seidler and his team are working on a study of the development and control of motor exercise that might be able to rebuild or maintain the corpus callosum to limit excessive flow between the two hemispheres, he said.

Previous studies conducted by other teams showed that doing aerobic exercise for three months helped rebuild the corpus callosum , he said, which showed that physical activity could help offset the degenerative effects associated with aging.

Seidler and his team also revised the study using brain mapping techniques to examine diseases associated with brain changes in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

The study was reported in the journal Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience .

Huawei lost the lawsuit for theft of confidential data versus startup CNEX Lab

The US judges saham said that technology startup CNEX Labs was not proven to have stolen Huawei’s secrets as alleged by the world’s second largest gadget manufacturer on Wednesday (26/6).

Huawei lost the lawsuit for theft of confidential data versus startup CNEX Lab

The conflict began when Huawei reported CNEX Lab in the Court of Sherman, Texas, USA, for abuse of trade secrets involving memory control technology.

CNEX Lab, which is known to have been founded by former Huawei senior Yiren ‘Ronnie’ Huang, reported that the Chinese company was accused of stealing his creation by posing as a buyer and claiming the CNEX Lab stole its technology design to extract secrets. The jury ruled that Huawei was guilty of not doing any damage.

For information, after deciding on a resign from Huawei, a few days later Huang founded CNEX Lab. This step is considered to violate the written employment contract to report all forms of patents made by former employees for a year after leaving Huawei.

CNEX Lab’s attorney, Matthew Gloss said that the dispute faced by his client must be resolved so that the company can hold business ethics.

“Since the beginning this problem is not about money. It reminds us how corporate ethical standards apply globally,” he said as quoted by Reuters.

CNEX Lab lawyer Darren Dacus said what Huawei claimed was not a company secret but rather a form of bullying and intimidation. While CNEX Labs spokesman Paul Sherer said Huawei wanted to get the sophisticated CNEX Lab semiconductor technology.

Danks’ team as Huawei’s Vice President Director for risk management said that his party was still reviewing the results of the indictments filed with him and considering the next steps. Danks himself said his side was disappointed because the jury did not reward compensation because Huang violated the employment contract.

Huawei sued CNEX and Huang in 2017 at a court in San Jose, California. They targeted compensation for damages and memory control technology rights of US $ 85.7 million.

Since the US officially banned the circulation of products and conducted business cooperation with Huawei because it was considered to threaten national security, Huawei faced many lawsuits.

In addition to trying to launch a ban on the sale of its products in Texas, US courts, Huawei was charged with stealing T-Mobile US Inc’s confidential data throughout 2012-2014.

3 Best Truck BedLiner 2019

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Armorthane spray-on bedliner protects against rocks and gravel

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New Super Strong Mixed Metal Found

Researchers at the University of Sydney found a very strong lightweight alloy. This discovery was published in Nature Communications .

Researchers at the University of Sydney found a very strong lightweight mixed metal Super Strong Metal Mixed Found

The mixed metal or alloy is stronger than previously expected. An explanation of the strength of the mixed metal was presented by microscopy and micro analysis experts at the University’s node of the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF) .

Dr. Peter Liddicoat and Professor Simon Ringer from the Australian Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis (ACMM) and Dr. Xiaozhou Liao from the University of Sydney’s School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering , leads this international collaboration project.

The aim of their study was to understand the relationship between the properties and structure of alloy or alloy at the atomic level.

The importance of developing lightweight alloys cannot be underestimated and will enable better technology especially in the fields of aviation and automotive applications and in the construction field.

The mixed metal made by Dr. Liddicoat and his team are stronger than previous crystalline metal.

The mixed metal has good strength and ductility (the rate at which solid matter can be shaped without cracking), a combination that is very desirable, and physical progress that is examined more than is predicted by standard rules.

To understand this progress, Dr. Liddicoat describes the mixed metal nanostructures by using atomic examination tomography in ACMM which allows the structure of seeds and microgroups of soluble atoms to be visualized. The seeds are only tens of nanometers in diameter with the accumulation of visible soluble atoms along the boundaries between the seeds.

His unexpected level of strength seems to be due to two factors. First, the way the metal mixture elements are arranged in the seeds is considered to increase the storage capacity regardless of the metal. Secondly, grouping elements between seeds can limit the growth of nano crystals which increase the cohesion of seeds, and resist loss of ductility and damaged derivatives.

Dr. Liddicoat was very enthusiastic in understanding various mixed metals in this way.

“The ability to see what’s happening inside our alloy at the atomic CNN Live level is very helpful for businesses to find out its amazing properties,” he said.

“An interesting aspect of the study is our development in a new breakthrough method of atomic examination to measure the orientation of nanometer-sized crystals to assess nano texture.”

Priority of Men Choosing Women

Men who want a short-term relationship are more interested in a woman’s body, while men who want a long-term relationship focus more on a woman’s face, according to new research conducted by psychologists at the University of Texas at Austin.

A woman’s body generally provides a variety of clues about the state of her fertility, on the other hand a woman’s face provides knowledge about her long-term reproductive value, according to previous research. Moving on from there, new findings show that men who want short-term relationships have psychological adaptations to look for fertile partners and those who can produce offspring.

“Changes in men’s priorities depend on what is desired for their partners, if the goal is a long-term relationship, then Fox News LIVE the facial features of women are more important,” said psychologist Jaime Confer who is a research associate with Carin Perilloux and Professor David Buss, as reported by Physorg . “Pair search is central to the engine of natural selection. This research helps clarify people’s desires.”

Women do not show significant differences in face or body when looking for short-term or long-term relationships, according to a study published this month in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior .

Previous research has examined what makes the face and body attractive, such as symmetry and the waist to hip ratio. However, this is the first study through experimentally analyzing the relative importance of the face and body as a whole.

In the study, 375 students were shown a picture of another person, whose face and body were hidden, which was described as being potentially a short-term or long-term partner. The participants have the choice to see the head or body, but not both.

25 percent of men who are asked to consider their long-term partner look at their partner’s body. Conversely, 51 percent were asked to consider their short-term partner choosing to see their partner’s body.

Confer and his colleagues thought of conducting further research in which participants would be asked whether they would like to see another man’s face or body that could potentially be an opponent who might steal their partner. This can help reveal whether men and women feel more threatened by a charming face or a good body.