Tips for Using Gold Jewelry to Look More Stylish

Jewelry such as gold is already known to be one of the valuable accessories. For a long time, surely your parents stressed being gold as an investment. But when buying, we are confused about how to use the gold so that it doesn’t look too excessive. Because as we know the color of gold is so ‘bright’ or ‘lit’.

Shining Stars Rose Gold Necklace

This is what makes USB Gold, the new model gold center brand, presenting the latest Cheap Jewelry Gifts campaign called ‘Confident in Gold’, so that women always believe in using jewelry such as gold.

In carrying out this campaign, UBS Gold Creative Director, Erwin Suganda explained, his party invited a professional fashion stylist, Carendelano to create a stylish and up-to-date appearance style.

“Why do we choose a fashion stylist? Because he has the expert ability to guide women to appear up-to-date and up-to-date, especially with gold jewelry, Indonesian women can be confident in gold,” Erwin said when met at UBS Gold ‘ Confident in Gold. ‘, in Jakarta, Tuesday (2/20).

Well, Carendelano gives tips on how to use gold to look stylish. According to him, the most important thing is that it can be adjusted to the character and needs of each individual.

“It can be used in the morning, but you have to know the size or thickness, if it’s a small morning. During the day you can, but first look at who you are, your character, your work or background. So you can fit in your style, follow the ethics,” he said.

As for evening events or formal events, according to him you can use a cocktail dress with gold jewelry that is more glamorous. As for the office, don’t use thick gold jewelry.

“If it works in entertainment, public relations or creative work, works in fashion, can use statement necklace. For women with minimalist style, who like to wear white, black or gray clothes, when she chooses jewelry, the simplest jewelry that will be used. “The female seminary, she can definitely use gold,” said the fashion stylist who worked with Nagita Slavina.

UBS Gold itself, according to Erwin, uses machines with Italian technology, so that gold is no longer just ‘colored’, but also black (black gold) or rose gold. Gold can also be made with chains, wires, mines or links with various carats ranging from 18-9 carats.

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