The Most Reliable Online Mutual Fund Investment

Investment and business tips . Mutual funds are investment options that are quite popular in Indonesia. This is due to the many conveniences offered in this mutual fund investment. Some of the conveniences include the opening of an account, how to work and transact. Especially nowadays, mutual fund investments can be accessed online, or better known as online mutual fund investments .

The way this investment is more appropriate compared to investments such as deposits, gold, property and shares. Many say that if stock investment is difficult, therefore the existence of mutual funds is very prediksi sdy hari ini helpful for investors like you. Because the workings of mutual funds are accommodating investors’ funds, which will later be managed by experts in them called investment managers .

The Most Reliable Online Mutual Fund Investment in Indonesia

Investment Funds There are several parties who play a role in mutual fund investment. The first is an investment manager who is a company that manages a portfolio. Then there is a custodian bank , which is a company that stores funds, oversees and documents all forms of assets. And the last is a sales agent or company that helps sell mutual funds.

Advantages of Online Mutual Fund Investment
As stated above, in mutual funds the funds collected from several investors will be transacted not only in stocks. But funds from these investors will also be invested in other instruments such as bond securities. After getting a profit, it will be shared with investors.

The online mutual fund investment business has a financial security system because it uses a third party to store investors’ funds, namely the custodian bank. As mentioned above, the custodian bank is a bank that will help administer, supervise and maintain mutual fund assets. Each mutual fund must include a custodian bank in its prospectus. When you invest in mutual funds, your investment money is actually transferred to the custodian bank account.

So your funds or capital are not directly held by the manager. That way, the money collected is not threatened to be carried away by the manager, as in the case of a bogus investment.

In addition, you can take advantage of the benefits whenever you want. No need to wait a long time to withdraw profits in mutual fund investment. So it can be said, if this investment can be used as a long-term investment as well as short-term, depending on your investment target.

If the target of your online investment is long term, the online mutual fund investment business is very appropriate, because it can provide multiple benefits while being safer and more reliable.

In Indonesia, mutual fund selling agents (APERD) can be carried out by banks and non-bank companies supervised by OJK (Financial Services Authority). One company that sells online mutual funds in Indonesia is .

Bareksa is a mutual fund marketplace in Indonesia that offers a variety of mutual fund, education, news and economic data options.

Best Romantic Korean Drama


The series adapted from this web comic tells about a new student named Kang Mi-Rae. He is a shy person because he has always been teased from childhood because of his ugly appearance. After graduating from rekomendasi drama korea 2019 high school Mi-Rae performs plastic surgery to make her face prettier. But people are still evil to him and call him “Gangnam Beauty”.

The situation changes after Mi-Rae meets a handsome and popular middle school friend named Do Kyung-Seok. Do Kyung is a victim of broken home. What’s amazing about this man is that besides being smart, he also never judges people from his appearance. And because they are often involved with Mi-Rae, they finally fall in love with each other.

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The movie with the title “Something in the Rain” is the most hits of all time korea drama for the category of cable TV series. The storyline followed a 30-year-old woman named Yoon Jin-Ah. It is a vacant coffee shop SPV without a lover. But things changed when Jin-Ah met and fell in love with his sister who had just returned from overseas.

The young man named Seo Jun-Hee, he is the sister of Jin-Ah’s best friend named Seo Kyung Sun. In his story, it turns out Jun-Hee has also harbored a long feeling towards his sister’s friend. But he considered his relationship with Jin-Ah to be limited to you. Some romantic scenes will make the audience jealous, especially when Jun-Hee repeatedly tries to protect Jin-Ah with sweet treatment.


This prequel drama from Man to Man focuses on one man with four characters. The plot follows a female detective named Yeo-rin. He greatly lost the figure he loved Dong-Jin, and tried to find clues to his death. In his investigation, Yeo-rin meets a man who is similar to Dong-Jin who is later known as his twin. He is Kang Il-Hoon who then drags Yeo-rin in a secret.


Boyfriend is a Korean drama involving a woman named Cha Soo-hyun (played by Song Hye-kyo) and a young man named Kim Jin-hyuk (played by Park Bo-Gum). The film has another title “Encounter” and aired since November 28, 2018. The plot follows Soo-hyun who is described as the son of a prominent politician. When Soo-hyun graduated from college, he was forced to marry a child from a big wealthy company owner.

But when they had children, he again forced his father to divorce. While on the other hand, Kim Jin-Hyuk is portrayed as a young man who prefers simplicity. He is looking for a permanent job while working on freelance to fulfill his life. Because repeatedly failing to apply for work finally Jin-hyuk decided to take a vacation to Cuba. And that’s where finally Jin-hyuk meets Soo-hyun for the first time.

Do you know? This is the Cause of Kenshin Cross Wounds, Samurai X Hero!

The cross scar on Kenshin’s cheeks is very iconic. What caused it? For those who don’t know, here’s the story!

Himura Kenshin is famous for his sakabato sword and cross wound on his cheek.

Did you know nonton anime that Kenshin’s cross wound actually originated from the tragedy of the past murderer?

For those who don’t know, this is the story behind Kenshin’s cross wound!

One part of Kenshin’s cross wound was inscribed by a man named Akira Kiyosato.

When I first appeared in the manga, Kiyosato didn’t seem important. He is only one of a number of people who were slaughtered by Kenshin.

Only, he can at least carve out one wound that the mark never goes away on Kenshin’s cheek.

Significance of Akira Kiyosato revealed later:

Akira is the future husband of Tomoe Yukishiro. The woman who was later married by Kenshin.

As the future wife of Kiyosato, who was truly saddened by the man’s death, Tomoe was initially involved in a secret plot to kill Kenshin.

But he just turned his mind. Had lived with Kenshin, Tomoe really liked the slaughterer.

A difficult situation indeed, like the person who killed his former fiancee. But what else can I do? Tomoe even risked his life to protect Kenshin.

In the end, this decision was fatal. Tomoe’s appearance helps Kenshin from Tatsumi’s attack, the leader of the Yaminobu group who is aiming to kill him.

Yaminobu’s traps made Kenshin’s senses (including his vision) chaotic before the battle. In the end, Kenshin accidentally cuts at once Tatsumi and Tomoe.

According to the manga version, the second scar on Kenshin’s cheek was created at this time. The sword Tomoe carries seems to scratch Kenshin after Kenshin slashes Tomoe.

Kenshin just got hit because of that incident. But then he read Tomoe’s diary and realized about Tomoe’s relationship with Akira Kiyosato,

In the end, after the turn of the era, this incident, including the big ones, made Kenshin not want to kill again.

So, this is the story of Kenshin’s cross wound in the manga version.

Kenshin’s fight with Kiyosato itself has been presented in a live action before.

The full scene, along with Kenshin’s past with Tomoe, might be presented in an advanced film version which will be released later in 2020.

What do you think about the story of Kenshin’s cross wound? Tell in the comments column!

Repairing Computer Dead Total

Repairing Computer Dead Total

Today I am repairing a computer that is totally dead, doesn’t make a sound, and there is no indicator. At first I thought that the damage might be to the power supply, because there was no power at all. This broken computer is a Pentium 4 computer but I forgot the mainboard. Computers with new technologies such as Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 may not suffer damage like this, but if you have an old computer like I did today, maybe you could experience problems like this. Total death and no signs of life.

Although at first I suspected damage to the electric power supply, but after repairing this damaged computer, I interrupted with a new power supply, it turned out the result was the same, the computer still remained lifeless, did not issue an indicator in the form of sound or led (lamp). What and where is the damage so that the computer still dies even though I have replaced game offline it with a new power supply.

After trying to change the power supply, and apparently unable to solve the problem, finally I tried to replace the memory with another memory (used memory but good condition), the results also turned out to be fruitless. The computer still dies.

The next step I tried to reset the BIOS, my experience so far, one of the steps to repair a problematic computer such as a blank monitor screen, the computer often restarts, the computer hange and some events can be overcome by resetting the BIOS. After resetting the BIOS then trying to turn on the computer, it turns out the computer then lives as usual, normal again.

The next step is of course I try to restore the original power supply (before being replaced) and also the memory. After replacing it turns out the computer is still on, this means that the computer is not damaged, maybe the BIOS is just a bit of a problem.

So the conclusion is that, if you find a damaged computer as I described above, do not quickly replace the device with a new device, try to reset the BIOS first, maybe by resetting the BIOS, the damaged computer can return to normal without having to replace the device new hard.

Hopefully this article is useful for blog visitors and can make blog visitors become a reliable computer technician.

7 ways to deal with foot odor quickly

7 ways to deal with foot odor quickly

7 ways to deal with foot odor quickly and easily – most people must have felt foot odor, especially for those who often use socks when the feet are still moist and wear shoes for a long time. foot odor will certainly be very disturbing especially when opening the shoes, the smell will immediately spread everywhere, if you Men’s Health store open your own shoes it might be ok, but if there are a lot of people, of course it can reduce your confidence because it has foot odor.

 how to deal with foot odor quickly and easily 7 ways to deal with foot odor quickly
7 effective ways to overcome foot odor naturally

Causes of foot odor

odor in the feet can be caused by several factors, but most often when you use socks, but with feet that are still wet or moist, and by using shoes for a long duration, of course this can lead to foot odor, because of the occurrence accumulation of germs and bacteria that are in the shoes, besides that when your feet are still moist it can cause fungus that is very disturbing too, therefore foot health and cleanliness of shoes also need to be maintained so that we are free of foot odor.

How to deal with foot odor quickly and easily

there are many ways you can overcome this problem of foot odor, but on this occasion, we will develop how to deal with foot odor quickly and easily naturally,

Reducing the development of bacteria and odor-causing germs in the feet

because the main cause of this foot odor is the growth of bacteria and the emergence of excessive sweat. when we are not maintaining the cleanliness of the feet, often it makes our feet become smelly because the existing sweat will mix with bacterial bacteria inside the shoe that can trigger the appearance of an unpleasant odor. besides these fungi and bacteria can also cause the appearance of water lice, phlegm etc.

Overcoming Foot Odor due to Shoes

the condition of cleanliness of shoes must of course be noted carefully, because if you do not notice it will arise bacteria and germs that nest in the shoe, it can trigger the appearance of foot odor that is very disturbing, therefore you should clean and treat your shoes properly , so you can avoid foot odor.

Overcome foot odor with anti-bacterial soap

because one of the causes of foot odor is the emergence of excessive bacteria, therefore you can use anti-bacterial soap to expel and eradicate bacteria in the feet that can cause unpleasant odors.

Overcome foot odor with tea

tea is one of the natural ingredients that you can use to overcome foot odor naturally, because in tea contains substances that can repel the growth of bacteria and germs, how to use it is by soaking the feet with tea regularly, remember to get maximum results then you can do these tips regularly.

Overcome foot odor with lemon

the next way is to use lemon, in the health and beauty of the benefits of oranges there are very many ranging from to eliminate dandruff, smooth the skin, eliminate the emergence of black spots of acne scars , and this time the lemon will be used to overcome the problem for many times. how to use it is by soaking kaki with squeezing lemon with water. just soak a few minutes but it is done regularly.

Overcome foot odor by diligently cutting nails

Another alternative that you can apply to overcome the problem of odor in the foot is to keep your nails short, because long nails, especially in the big toe area can cause a smell that is definitely not tasty.

Overcome foot odor by maintaining cleanliness

the most important thing for you to avoid foot odor is to maintain cleanliness, because it will be able to minimize the emergence of bacteria and germs that can cause unpleasant odors in the feet.

well, that’s 7 ways to deal with foot odor quickly and easily , so that your feet are free from foot odor, so you can apply the seven tips, besides the most important is to keep the cleanliness of our feet and the shoes we use.