How to install Ubuntu 10.10 

In this post, I tried to make a tutorial on how to install LINUX UBUNTU Version 10.10, the procedure is still similar to the previous versions, there are only a few differences when installing from the start, we can configure the connection to the internet , so that when installing, we can immediately enter the update. 1st Look at Microsoft’s New Edge Browser

For the steps to install Ubuntu 10.10 Linux as follows:

1. Turn on your computer or laptop,

2. Make sure the First Boot your CD or DVD ROM DRIVE (set via BIOS Setup)

3. Insert your Install LINUX CD

4. Wait until your LINUX The installer is loaded, the indicator is displayed as shown below:

5. Click Install Ubuntu, if you want to install Ubuntu on a computer, or if you only want to try Ubuntu OS without installing it to a computer, please click Try Ubuntu, and don’t worry about the hard disk, data and operating system you have installed will not be disturbed.

After you click Ubuntu, click, the display appears as follows:

6. Click Forward. The display appears as follows:

7. Click the button on Specify partition manually, this must be chosen so that we can set ourselves on the partition where Ubuntu will be placed, especially if you have installed another operating system. Next appears:

The above display is an example of a new hard drive, so you need Partition Table. Click on / dev / sda and click on New Partition Table. Then a confirmation will appear as above. Select Continue so that the display will appear as follows.

First create a partition to install the Ubuntu system. On the hard drive that I use above the capacity is 4.3 GB, I will share 2 more partitions, 3 GB for the system, then the remaining 1.3 GB for Swap Area (Swap area is useful for creating additional virtual memory alias memory, usually using size 2 x the amount of physical memory / your RAM). The step to create the partition is as follows:

Click the Add button, then enter the amount of the partition capacity, for example 3000, then in the Use As section select Ext4 journaling file system, then the mount point section select “/” (root). View image :

Click the OK button.

Continue with creating partitions for Swap Area, select the following free space:

Click the Add button, let Linux determine the amount of capacity, the rest of the root partition, then select Swap in the Use as section, then click OK

Return to the beginning, continue by selecting the Root partition for the system place, then click Install Now.

8. Select the location area you choose Indonesia (Jakarta), see picture:

Click the Forward button

9. Select the keyboard layout, USA:

Click the Forward button.

10. Continue by entering data names, login names, and your password, such as the following example:

Click Forward.

11. Then the system installation process continues, wait a few moments.

12. Wait until it’s finished until Installation Complete appears:

Click the Restart Now button.

The system will re-boot / restart and Ubuntu will load, until here you have finished installing LINUX UBUNTU Version 10.10.

Good luck, and good luck.

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