Understanding the Difference Between Marketing and Sales

Do you know the difference between sales and marketing? A business will not achieve success in winning market competition if it only relies on sales alone.

However, the maximum sales results will not be created if it is not supported by the right marketing strategy. A company can certainly make a sale, but a company may not necessarily be able to plan a marketing strategy that can satisfy the needs, and desires of its customers.

The role of sales and marketing is indeed interdependent with each other, so most people mistakenly think that sales and marketing have the same meaning, namely selling products.

But in reality, the two functions between sales and marketing cannot be equated. This is unfortunate, because without the right understanding it would be difficult to optimize both functions.

Check out the following, so that you can get to know more about the difference between sales and marketing!

Definition of Sales and Marketing

Sales is an activity that only focuses on selling a product and aims to increase product sales only.

In other words, sales actually sell in the real sense, which is to bring money directly.

The relationship between sales and customers is limited to the buying and selling transaction process, the rest of the sales do not have any responsibility in maintaining good relationships or long-term relationships with customers.

Marketing is the whole of an integrated marketing system in a business activity, aiming to plan a product, pricing, determining how to promote, and distributing goods to satisfy customers.

Unlike the relationship between sales and customers, the relationship between marketing and customers must be maintained from the process before making transactions until the process after making a transaction

The relationship between marketing and customers needs to be maintained as well as possible, in order to maintain customer loyalty to the company or business.

Sales and Marketing Activities

The activities carried out by the sales division always begin after the product to be sold is available, while marketing activities have been busy long before the product was launched.

The sales division must know the market share of consumers that is suitable for most of the products it sells, so that the product offerings it does not go wrong.

The activity carried out by the marketing division is designing a product marketing strategy through several types of strategies, namely segmentation, targeting and positioning.

On the other hand, the right marketing function must lead to profit planning by building brand equity and brand placement, segments, and product positioning strategies according to their market share.

The main objective of this strategy is to allow the placement of premium prices and adequate margins on the brands owned by a business.
These three strategies can be realized in a marketing mix, which consists of Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

  1. Product
    Marketing tries to do research to find out what products are really needed and desired by consumers.
  2. Price
    Marketing sets a price that is in accordance with the “ability” of consumers, so that it matches the market share.
  3. Place
    Marketing is looking for the right and efficient distribution channel, so that the products or services of the company can reach consumers.
  4. Promotion
    Various ways of promotion can be done, including by direct selling through sales, advertising through various media (print, or digital), Public Relations (CRM), and so on.

After the marketing strategy has been formulated, the product has a clear market share, then sales start selling.

It can be concluded that marketing is at the planning stage, while sales are at the implementation stage.

Sales and Marketing Perspective

Based on various activities that we concluded above, it is clear that marketing has a longer process than sales.

In a marketing strategy, marketers (marketers) need to try to maintain “Brand Image Sustainability”.

This is so that customers can decide to buy products offered or sold, because they believe that the brand image of the product has the quality that meets their expectations.

Meanwhile, in the sales strategy, the way to maintain “brand image” is not too important, the most important thing is the product they sell is selling well.

Sales think about how they offer products to market share, by mastering information about what are the advantages of these products compared to other brands, so consumers can be interested in buying their products.

Therefore, sales people usually go into the field to get around visiting each customer and prospective customer.

No wonder if the sales program is more directed at various activities such as bundling / volume discounts, trade promos, and so on.

Sales and Marketing Final Goals

Sales are not focused on market penetration / development in the next 3-5 years.

Sales have never thought about whether the customer feels satisfied or not with the product being sold. the most important thing is that the product can meet the sales target that has been determined by the business owner. Sales are more focused on increasing the number of products sold, not on profit margins.

Effective sales focus on increasing sales volume, not on profit margins. A sales executive focuses on short-term targets, namely getting as much volume as possible in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, sales executives are expected to get into the field to get to know customers, shops and outlets. Marketing must focus and focus on sustainability brands by continuing to make creative and effective initiatives and breakthroughs.

It is intended that marketing can utilize, and develop trends by creating an inseparable relationship between consumers and brands. Consumers or society.

So, sales try to win the money paid by consumers when making transactions, while marketing is trying to win the consumer’s perspective on your business brand. Meanwhile, marketing is more about grabbing the attention, mind and heart of consumers so they want to buy your product. Not only want to buy, but also expected to be loyal customers.

Integrate Sales and Marketing

Several case studies have shown that compact collaboration between the sales and marketing division will enhance business prospects, so that it has the potential to become more advanced.

This shows that the two parts have influence with each other.

That is the reason why you need to ensure the balance of roles between these two parts in your business, so that these two parts are compact and can communicate effectively.

After understanding the difference between sales and marketing, it should 토토사이트 be a business owner, you will be able to search, place, and use the necessary resources more carefully to achieve business success in the future.

If you feel you have the ability to market a product, you can hire salespeople to sell your products.

Again, make sure that the roles of sales and marketing in your business are intertwined and routinely in communicating effectively with each other.

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