How to Plant and Take Care of Daisies Flowers

In this article we will learn how to plant daisies, complete with how to care for them. Flowers originating from the Asteraceace family are flowers that are also known as daisies or cords, and are still in one clump with sunflowers.

This flower is generally a type of herbal plant or grass, but there are also those in the form of shrubs, creepers, or trees. When flowering, this plant will look beautiful because it has a striking colored flower crown with a sufficient number of crowns. In addition, daisies also have many benefits in human life .

To be able to get beautiful Daisies flowers, planting methods and proper care are needed. Do you know how to plant and treat the right daisies? Here is information about planting and treating daisies that are worth a try.

How to Plant Daisies

How to plant daisies is actually not complicated. Armed with the patience and methods that will be elaborated, you have a great chance of getting beautiful daisies from the results of your own cultivation.

  • Prepare first the tools and materials needed, including: seeds or daisies, mini shovels, planting media (recommended topsoil), containers for planting media (pots or polybags, if grown from seeds), emrates, and water.
  • Choose a place that will later be used to lay your daisies on the record that the air temperature from the place you choose is classified as cool, with a large intensity of solar radiation.
  • Prepare the planting media in the pot (if from seeds) with a comparison of soil: compost: sand that is 1: 1: 1, then flush to taste until the media is slightly wet or loose.
  • If grown from seeds, then plant daisies in the planting media in pots or polybags 2-3 cm deep.
    Pots or polybags that have been planted with seeds are grown in the room for 4 to 6 weeks. You must always keep the soil moist by watering the planting media regularly, only to wet the soil. After growing at least 4 leaves, then a new seed from the seed of the Daisies may be transferred to a new planting medium.
  • If grown from a seed, then move the seed from the previous planting media to the new planting medium. Move with the previous planting media, so you only need to make holes in the new planting media, which is in accordance with the old planting media.
  • If you have followed the steps above and plan to plant a few daisies at the same time in a new planting medium, you should separate each daisy you plant on the media at least 25 cm apart.
  • Do watering regularly. If the weather is hot so the planting media dries quickly, do watering once a day or adjust it, the most important thing is not to dry the planting media.
  • Also, don’t forget to sprinkle mulch (you can use wood or plastic flakes mulch) around your daisies to prevent the growth of weeds and keep the growing media cool, only if you plant daisies in bulk.

How to Take Care of Daisies Flowers

Next, what is not less important than planting is good care. To get good daisies, good care is needed. Next is how to care for daisies.

  • Prepare mulch 4 – 5 cm thick, then sprinkle it with thin compost. This mixture of mulch and compost is then sprinkled around your daisies.
  • Do watering regularly, do not let the soil dry. It should be noted that daisies are a type of plant that is sensitive to the water content in the soil.
    If the watering is too much or too little, the leaves that grow will easily molt or the flowers are difficult to bloom. Remember again as in the way of planting that has been described above, that you only need to blast the planting media to taste.
  • If needed, attach a wooden stake by immersing it in the planting media where your daisies are located, immersing it close to the main stem. Then, attach the rope and tie loosely. The aim is to ensure that your Daisies flower grows upright.
  • Cut a little tip of the stem, about 2-3 cm to stimulate the growth of new branches.
  • Trim the withered leaves. Never wait for the leaves to rot, because they can bring disease to your daisies.
    If your daisy is covered in dust or is infested by insect pests, spray it with a fairly hard flow of water, but not too hard to damage the plants.
  • If plants are attacked by pests such as snails, then you can use the method of evicting these pests by loosely twisting wire or copper plates on the part of the daisies (for example on the main stem near the planting medium) that the snail can pass.
  • So how to plant and treat daisies that you can try at home. In an effort  kwiaty zabrze to get healthy and beautiful daisies, you must also apply the proper method of planting. Hopefully it can bring benefits to you.

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