4 Reasons Why Online Business Can Fail

Reasons Why Online Business Can Fail

The continued development of Internet technology and support now offers many benefits and uses, one of which is in terms of profitable business opportunities, we see that many market places like Amazon, Lazada, Olx and others have opened up great business opportunities for anyone in online business is certainly a lot of people who have been successful and prove that online business is very promising. However, behind the success of people, there are still those who are still feeling why they are failing in online business, why is that?

Basically, failure is commonly encountered and happens to anyone. In any field, there must be obstacles and obstacles so that the person has not succeeded in getting success, including the online business. At the height of the popularity of online business in Indonesia, it turned out that many were interested in going into this online business and they immediately tried it in hopes of getting a big profit. But not infrequently there are also many who encounter difficulties and fail to build their online business.

Actually, if we search information about business on the internet it is very easy to find it through Google search and many sources discuss this for the lesson. So what is the question is, why are there still many people who are not yet in this online business and business, and what exactly is the cause so that it can be?

I have noticed in this business, there are at least four things that are usually the main cause of why many people have not succeeded in online business. Now here’s the comment:

1). Main Causes: Not Consistent and Stopping Midway

All things need perseverance and consistency to achieve success. When someone has the determination to achieve something, that determination and perseverance will lead him to success. Someone if still not giving up cannot be said to fail because it is indeed in the process of achieving that success. Basically the concept of failure has nothing to learn or succeed.

Many people really think that a lot of online business is easy and does not require enough capital, the internet and gadgets are owned, but nevertheless in running an online business there will certainly be many challenges that the businessman will face. In fact, often when the results are not in line with the expectation that their spirits become saggy. Because this is sure to always be met by online businesses.

The wrong person wants to try will surely succeed but people who have never tried will definitely fail. Actually the biggest challenge arises from ourselves in the internet business, namely: feeling lazy, lacking commitment, and easily giving up. When someone gives up, that’s when he won’t reach his goal of success. beli pulsa online

I have failed many times in my life and that is why I am successful – Michael Jordan

2). Not Focusing on Running an Online Business

The purpose of this lack of focus is not because of outside influences, such as neighbors paying debts or girlfriends often calling even though it could be hehe. I mean that we often feel inferior to the success of others and are even more easily tempted by the income of others who have already succeeded first.

What we need is actually a focus on the areas we like and feel we can develop. For example, if we are involved in advertising (publisher), then we will explain how to become a successful publisher.

Not infrequently the average beginner online businessman who is just starting out is too often saturated and deep in sharing various fields. This is why they cannot focus and master one type of online business.

For example, someone just started learning to sell online, then there are friends who have been doing business through Google Adsense and have enough income and even success. Now the beginner is actually interested and ‘slammed the steering wheel’ into the Google Adsense business. Not finished about the Google Adsense tutorial, the beginner actually moved to another one and so on.

Actually learning is not wrong about online business. However, it’s good to focus on developing one type of online business that we feel we can develop and maximize in the future. For that, determine and consider first, then what business first fits your interests. Keep in mind that learning and practice also requires an indirect time as easy as turning the palm of the hand in a short period of time follow the flow and the process with pleasure that is what is meant by learning or success.

3). Lack of Practice but Lots of Complaining

Often the beginner complains a little, this is endless. Just started the business there were obstacles and the problem immediately complained. All things must have challenges, as well as online businesses there must be shortcomings and strengths, but the aim is that we are building a long-term business. So try not to easily complain.

I made an example: there is a beginner blogger who wants to succeed in this field. But I don’t know what the world of blogging is like. Someone is not less like writing. Now does that person not be a successful blogger? Of course you can even if you don’t like writing, but by trying to write simple things like her hobbies, something that likes is easy, isn’t it.

Sometimes it just starts complaining, even though there are many alternatives that can be done. Whatever if you don’t have the motivation to do so, it’s useless to never start what you want to do.

4). Less Understanding Online Businesses That Are Executed

Indeed, business online offers many things to be successful. However, it is not certain that the person will be successful. Indeed there are many ways to get money from the internet whether it’s selling, offering services, being a publisher and so on, but it is not necessarily a long-term business.

There are also beginners who think that the more types of online businesses are run, the more money they will get. They conclude too quickly about a business without understanding it as a whole. And when that happens, this becomes a great opportunity to experience failure in his business.

Not having to be an expert in order to succeed in running an online business is enough to understand it and know how it works and run it also how to maximize it to get the desired results. Thus we will be able to find a strategy and determine what steps are most suitable for the type of online business that is run.

So this article is about some of the things that beginners fail in online business. Hopefully provide useful information for readers. If there are deficiencies, I apologize if you want to add or just share information with other visitors, please comment below. Thank you for the success for all of us.

4 Ways to Get the Latest High Blog Traffic

Get High Blog Traffic

In addition to quality content, blog traffic is also one of the conditions for someone to become a Blogger successfully. But most people out there seem very difficult to get high blog traffic. This is because they do not know and do not understand how to get high blog traffic. Why do webmasters or bloggers compete to get high traffic? Because it is true that traffic is a reflection of the success of the blog or website more and more traffic that leads to the site that is owned by the website. Of course, with the higher visitors coming, it will provide serp rank checker enormous benefits for the website owner, one of which is to do business and make money.

In this article I want to discuss about 4 ways to get the latest high blog traffic. Why do I really want to discuss this topic? Because I want to tell all of you that to get high blog traffic is very easy if you want to implement it. All right without wasting time, we just discuss it.

1). Make Quality Content Routinely

The first way you have to do to get high blog traffic is to regularly create quality content. By creating quality content on a regular basis, you will very easily get many readers, especially regular readers who want to come visit your blog every day. Try to write regularly. This is done so that your blog readers are not lost and also reduced. Can be once a day, once a week, once a month, or once a year. But my advice is to try to write on the blog once or twice a day. This method is done so that you will not get bored if you keep writing.

2). Do Blog Walking

This method is the method most often carried out by Bloggers and proved to be still effective to generate many visitors. You can visit other people’s blogs and later the people you visit the blog will visit your blog. The way is by placing your blog link in the comments column.

Your blog traffic will increase by itself. Do blog walking as often as possible and as much as possible to reach more traffic. My advice, put your blog link to a blog that has many visitors. Because blogs that have high blog traffic are sure the visitors will read the comments listed in the comments column until they run out.

3). Share Your Articles to Social Media

After completing the article, it never hurts to share articles that you make to social media. Like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This method is also passed down from generation to generation by Bloggers, especially beginners. They still expect visitors from social media to get high blog traffic.

Besides getting high blog traffic, sharing your articles on social media also has many benefits. Among them you will get a reward if the article you share is beneficial for those who read it. Not bad, besides you get a lot of traffic, you will also get a lot of rewards from the writing that you have produced.

4). Understanding SEO Until Complete

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most influential in the world of Blogger. Before moving on to become a professional Blogger, you must understand what SEO is all about. You can learn it directly on the internet or find out directly to people who have understood SEO.

SEO is very influential on blog traffic. The keywords that are in the writing that you make greatly affect your ranking on the Google search engine. So from that make sure you can optimize your writing keywords as well as possible to get a lot of traffic.

This time the discussion was about how you can do to get high blog traffic. Hopefully this little article provides useful information for you. If there are deficiencies, I apologize if you want to add or want to share with other visitors, please comment below. Thank you for the success for all of us.