Tips for Maintaining a Young Age Pregnancy to Avoid Miscarriage

Tips for Maintaining a Young Age Pregnancy – When you are positive for pregnancy, it is exciting news for the family. Given that there are currently generations of families that are ‘nesting’ in your stomach.

Of course, knowing the development of the fetus from week to week is very interesting even until he is born second. 4D Ultrasound Queens

Although, initially it will be difficult to detect for some of you because you don’t see any signs of pregnancy.

It is appropriate if then the real title of hero is given to the mother, because the struggle even from the beginning of the week will be very prone to miscarriage.

Some ways to care for young pregnancies are important things to be known by every woman who will become a future mother. Here are some ways from a trusted source that we have summarized for you:

Tips for Maintaining a Young Age Pregnancy to Avoid Miscarriage

1. Avoid heavy activities
In early pregnancy, pregnant women will get tired easily and even faint from low blood pressure. It is highly recommended that you not force yourself to do heavy duty. Avoid sitting or standing too long.

Make sure if you have enough rest time. Don’t get me wrong, taking too long to keep quiet will make the body more limp and uncomfortable.

If necessary, do all activities scheduled. If you are a career woman, tips for keeping a young pregnancy are during the first trimester.

At this stage, the body needs adjustment because not only physical and psychological changes, but also hormonal factors in the body that can affect your performance.

It is very important for you to avoid steress so that hormones do not trigger uterine contractions which will increase the risk of miscarriage.

2. Control your emotions
When pregnant, there are many tests because during pregnancy, women are more easily carried away by emotions. This is due to hormone instability which will certainly affect your level of stress which can harm the fetus.

For the sake of the baby, managing emotions and controlling them will be very useful for example by getting closer to God, meditating and chatting with husbands as tips for keeping a young pregnancy.

Do all the things that can enhance a positive aura so as to stabilize emotions. Keep in mind that managing emission is very important, especially for prospective pregnant women with a history of hypertension. Make sure the body and mind are always relaxed.

3. Take care of nutrition
Tips for maintaining a pregnancy at a young age next is to pay attention to nutritional intake. Young pregnant people are often equipped with nausea until appetite is lost.

Even though it is normal, in these circumstances it must still be forced so that the fetus does not lose the nutritional intake needed in its development. When the fetus does not get adequate nutrition, the risk of miscarriage increases.

Therefore, we advise you to read the previous article about the list of the best foods to meet the nutrition of pregnant women .

4. Avoid bad habits
There are some habits that are quite bad and must be removed during pregnancy. For example, by not smoking, not taking drugs, avoiding caffeine and also alcohol which is certainly harmful to your pregnancy because it will inhibit growth.

In fact, many studies have shown that for smokers, the chances of a fetus being born not perfect are higher.

As tips for maintaining a young pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid caffeine because it affects the amount of iron and worsens anemia.

5. Consult a pregnancy with a midwife or obstetrician
How to maintain a young pregnancy is to consult regularly with the midwife or obstetrician. Always bring a pink report book to record your pregnancy history.

It is highly recommended that you continue to consult various complaints ranging from dizziness, nausea or even vomiting. If a midwife or obstetrician can easily find out about the health of your pregnancy through complaints, it will certainly be easy for them to distinguish between normal and abnormal things that you experience.

If the body has bleeding in the vaginal area, intense vomiting that continues to occur, high fever or even unusual vaginal discharge, it is very important for you to continue to consult.

6. Reduce the frequency of sexual relations
Finally, sexual intercourse is normal for husbands and wives. If before sexual intercourse can occur at a high enough frequency, it is highly recommended during pregnancy in the early period to reduce the frequency of intercourse.

According to many obstetricians, the high frequency of sexual intercourse in early pregnancy is the main cause of miscarriage, especially when the condition of a pregnant woman when having a relationship is not fit.

In addition, orgasm will make the uterus contract. Whereas in the beginning of pregnancy, the uterus does not have maximum strength because of the adjustment of life in the uterus. In addition, the embryo is still in a blood clot and not perfect.

Having sex also must pay attention to the position so as not to overlap the stomach. Too heavy pressure will trigger a miscarriage.

In fact, some doctors suggest that ejaculation is done outside the vagina because the prostaglandin content in sperm can stimulate uterine contractions that cause miscarriage.

7. Avoid stress
In the opinion of Doctor Eko Handayani MPsi from the clinical psychology division of the child of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia, in the article “Stress in Pregnant Women” published on the website, he explained that stress on pregnant women will definitely give consequences to the fetus they conceive, because the position of the fetus in the uterus can respond to what is being experienced by the mother.

“Based on research, pregnant women who experience stress will increase the risk of giving birth to premature babies and smaller babies. Even the danger of stress in pregnant women can result in miscarriage,” said Eko.

Therefore, it is very important for pregnant women to avoid things that can cause stress. One way is to do fun activities.

One way to prevent stress is to exercise regularly. But, not all types of exercise are good when pregnant.

But don’t worry, because we have presented other interesting articles about the best types of exercise for pregnant women .

8. The Role of Husband and Family
To avoid ongoing stress during pregnancy, it is appropriate for the family, especially a husband, to provide support and attention to the wife.

In addition, building a good relationship between the two is equally important, so that the wife can consult every thing or problem that she experiences. It aims to strengthen the wife’s mentality through her pregnancy.

9. Avoid Certain Foods or Drinks
There are several types of foods and drinks that should be avoided during pregnancy including meat or eggs that are cooked less cooked / still raw, because it can cause severe diarrhea in pregnant women.

For this reason, the diet must be maintained. Pregnant women must be clever in choosing the food to be consumed. In addition to the right foods, pregnant women also need to consume fruits.

Movie Review: Hotarubi no Mori e

For those of you who don’t know, Hotarubi no Mori e is a short movie but has a complex story. Of course there will be many plots and conflicts from this anime. But I assure you that this anime will exceed your expectations.

Let you not be curious, let’s see the following review.

Anime Details:
Anime title
Title Hotarubi no Mori e
Japan 蛍 火 の 杜 へ
Others Into the Forest of Fireflies Light, The Light of a Firefly Forest
Type Movie
Status Broadcast
Prime Season Summer 2011
Broadcast Sep 17, 2011
Episode Total 1
Duration 45 minutes
Rating Teenagers
Genre Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Studio Brain’s Base
Licence –
Producer Aniplex
Website –
Score 9.2

When vacationing in his grandfather’s village one summer, Takegawa Hotaru got lost in the forest which was called the residence of the stealth.

He was finally helped by a masked young man named Gin, who claimed to be one of the stealth and that he would soon disappear when in contact with humans.

A short duration may leave the feeling that something is lacking, but actually the story in this anime is complete. The beginning, the end, the background, and even the climax are well presented.

The level of romance is also very precise, so adding any spices like any more is likely to make it look like the story of a soap opera that is long-winded and too dramatized.

In reality, this anime is a short story, so instead of imposing it long, the ability of this anime to realize its own limitations actually becomes its strength.

The story is about a pair of girls and youth who fall in love with each other, and this anime keeps it as simple as that. There is no additional character that is not necessary, and the two main characters are also developed only to taste.

Indeed, some people may feel that Gin’s character can still be explained further, but the mysterious side is what makes the character interesting from the start.

It has even become part of his identity, so maintaining a little mystery keeps it intact, while further revealing details that are not important at risk will only disrupt the character’s foundation.

Saying that a change in the character will disrupt the foundation is very true. If they suddenly change the end of the story, of course it will have an impact on Heroine in the future.

For that, the characters in this anime have been given a complete Nonton Anime Indo story and have been executed very well. Even so, they can actually give a little finishing touch to the characters.

Tutorial SMM Pemasaran Google+

Google+ adalah platform jejaring sosial yang dilayani oleh Google dan dinikmati oleh jutaan pengguna. Selain menjadi platform jaringan, itu adalah saluran untuk membuat Anda dikenal oleh mesin pencari. Kehadiran Anda di Google+ membantu panel smm termurah meningkatkan visibilitas pencarian lokal Anda. Anda dapat mengikuti orang-orang di ‘Lingkaran’ di Google+ untuk berbagi informasi.

Keuntungan dari Google+
Pencitraan merek – Google akan mengambil data dari Google+ untuk kata kunci bermerek. Kehadiran Anda di Google+ menandai tinggi pada SERP.

Peningkatan Peringkat Pencarian – Berbagi (+1) seperti rekomendasi sosial yang memengaruhi peringkat pencarian Anda.

Pembuatan Tautan – Satu tautan di Google+ bertindak sebagai satu tautan balik untuk situs web Anda. Tautan Anda langsung dikirim ke indeks Google.

Ulasan Berkualitas – Google mem-flash peringkat dan ulasan yang Anda terima, menjadikan bisnis Anda lebih menarik.

Muncul di Local Carousal – Anda dapat menandai kehadiran bisnis Anda di Google+ agar lebih terlihat.

Membuat Halaman Bisnis di Google+
Buat akun Google+. Kunjungi Pencarian Google+ untuk opsi ‘buat laman Google+’. Mengikuti! Pilih dari opsi yang ditampilkan. Anda akan menemukan :

Bisnis atau Tempat Lokal
Produk atau Merek
Perusahaan, Lembaga, atau Organisasi
Seni, Hiburan, atau Olahraga

Setelah memilih kategori utama, Anda akan diperlihatkan sub-kategori untuk memamerkan bisnis Anda dengan detail lebih lanjut. Pilih subkategori Anda dan lanjutkan ke berikutnya.

Tambahkan beberapa informasi dasar yang menjelaskan bisnis Anda, berikan tautan situs web Anda (opsional), dan pilih kategori yang sesuai untuk konten Anda.

Centang “Saya setuju dengan Ketentuan Halaman …..” dan Lanjutkan ….

Penyesuaian Halaman
Tambahkan foto sampul dan gambar profil. Anda dapat memilihnya dari perangkat Anda atau dapat mengimpor dari Picasa (jika Anda adalah pengguna aktif).

Di bawah Cerita, tambahkan slogan dan alur cerita. Isi informasi kontak Anda. Klik tombol ‘selesaikan’.

Gunakan bagian ‘Tentang’ untuk mengetahui bagaimana orang melihat halaman bisnis Anda. Tambahkan orang ke lingkaran untuk membuat komunikasi berjalan.

Anda siap dengan halaman bisnis Google Anda. Mulai berbagi konten … !!

+1 & Berbagi
Google membuat tombol ‘+1’ dan ‘bagikan’ untuk berbagi konten yang mudah dan tidak menyakitkan. Sebelumnya, pembagian telah dipotong dalam +1. Pengguna yang menyukai pos tidak dapat membagikannya di lingkaran mereka.

‘+1’ adalah untuk pengguna yang ingin mengekspresikan preferensi mereka untuk konten. “Ya saya suka, itu membantu”.

‘Bagikan’ adalah untuk pengguna yang ingin berbagi konten untuk membuatnya tersedia bagi orang lain.

Integrasikan Halaman Bisnis Google+ di Blog atau Situs Web Anda
Ada banyak cara untuk melakukannya. Anda harus menerapkan sebanyak mungkin.

Tombol +1 – Gunakan plugin seperti WPSocialite untuk menanamkan tombol Google +1 di laman Anda untuk mengarahkan lalu lintas melalui Google+. Itu selalu merupakan strategi yang baik untuk menyiarkan konten di Google+. Ada banyak cara yang dapat Anda terapkan untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak pengikut untuk halaman bisnis Google+ Anda.

Bagikan konten dari profil pribadi Anda – Anda dapat memanfaatkan profil pribadi Anda dengan berbagi konten di antara koneksi Anda. Ini kemudian dapat diakses oleh pengikut Anda dan orang lain yang terhubung dengan mereka.

Gunakan Hashtag – Bila Anda menggunakan hashtag, kiriman Anda dikategorikan ke aliran tertentu. Siapa pun yang mencari kata kunci tertentu dapat dengan mudah memanfaatkan konten Anda.

Ikuti apa yang sedang tren – Persiapkan meme dengan membangun kalender editorial dengan konten yang dibuat dengan hashtag berdasarkan acara mendatang.

Ikuti tab ‘panas & disarankan’ – Bagikan konten cukup banyak untuk memicu algoritme untuk memberi tahu Google+ tentang konten Anda.

Minta orang untuk mengikuti – Sertakan ajakan bertindak yang menarik di pos Anda yang menginstruksikan orang dengan rendah hati. Beri mereka hadiah untuk dibagikan.

Segmentasikan pengikut Anda dalam lingkaran – Buat lingkaran baru secara bijak. Ini akan memaparkan konten Anda ke lingkaran lain dalam kategori yang sama.

Tambahkan Lencana Google+ – Menambahkan lencana memudahkan orang untuk menambahkan Anda dalam lingkaran. Ia bahkan memberi tahu Anda ketika seseorang mengikuti halaman Anda.

Gunakan + Poskan Iklan – Ini membantu Anda untuk menampilkan konten Anda ke jutaan orang yang merupakan bagian dari Google Display Network.

Tingkatkan Pengikut di Google+
Promosikan bisnis Anda di Google+ untuk memanfaatkan kekuatan situs jaringan. Tujuannya adalah untuk menghubungkan sebanyak mungkin orang ke bisnis Anda. Agar berhasil melalui Google+, Anda perlu melakukan hal berikut –

Lekatkan lencana Google+ di situs web Anda untuk mengikat pengguna. Ini memungkinkan pengguna untuk mengikuti Anda tanpa berhenti dari lencana Anda.

Berikan pengguna sesuatu yang berarti dan berguna. Selalu perbarui posting Anda.

Ekspresikan bisnis Anda dengan foto yang jelas dan menarik.

Gunakan Google+ sebagai halaman bisnis Anda. Gunakan halaman saat berinteraksi dengan komunitas.

Tahan Google+ Hangouts. Anda dapat melakukan streaming video dengan peserta dan pengguna untuk menyampaikan pesan Anda.

Berpartisipasi dalam komunitas yang terkait dengan bisnis Anda.

Promosikan Bisnis Anda di Google+
Promosikan laman Google+ Anda. Bisnis Anda secara otomatis dipromosikan …

Google+ dapat menjadi sumber yang dapat menarik lalu lintas yang sangat besar ke situs web Anda. Untuk mempromosikan bisnis Anda menggunakan Google+, coba gunakan semua fitur yang tersedia. Google+ membantu situs web Anda menonjol di antara jutaan. Ini memberi situs Anda momentum yang terukur dan pertumbuhan yang berkelanjutan. Anda dapat dengan mudah mengintegrasikan layanan lain (YouTube, Hangout, dll.) Untuk memanfaatkan manfaat maksimal. Ini membantu Anda membangun kredibilitas.

Kiat dan Trik
Buat halaman bisnis deskriptif. Sertakan URL situs dan terapkan ajakan bertindak yang baik untuk memaksa pengguna mengunjungi situs web Anda. Sematkan foto sampul yang terkait dengan bisnis Anda.

Buat lingkaran dan ratakan dalam tema. Bagikan konten di lingkaran Anda. Ini adalah cara terbaik untuk membuat postingan viral.

Terlibat dalam komunitas. Kembalikan baik pada komentar dan umpan balik. Ambil bagian dalam dialog. Tanggapan Anda harus dipersonalisasi.

Alat Google+
Google+ menyediakan beberapa alat yang berguna, beberapa di antaranya tercantum di sini –

DoShare – Ini adalah ekstensi Google Chrome yang memungkinkan Anda menulis dan menjadwalkan pembaruan Anda di Halaman Google+.

SproutSocial – Ini adalah alat manajemen yang memungkinkan Anda mengelola situs jejaring sosial seperti Twitter, Facebook, Google+, dll. Untuk situs web Anda.

Buffer – Anda dapat menjadwalkan pembaruan Anda di kalender penyangga untuk mengatur dan mengatur posting Anda.

Hootsuite – Ini adalah dasbor media sosial yang memungkinkan Anda menjadwalkan, membuat, dan melacak konten Anda. Anda dapat mengelola beberapa aliran dalam satu tempat.

Rival IQ – Ini adalah alat penelitian pesaing yang memungkinkan Anda memantau aliran Anda di Google+ sehingga memungkinkan Anda memanfaatkan Google+ sepenuhnya.

Circle Count – Ini membantu Anda menjelajahi lingkaran dan komunitas untuk merek Anda. Ini memungkinkan Anda mengukur keefektifan konten Anda.

Circloscope – Ini membantu untuk memfilter, menghapus, dan menghapus pengguna yang tidak aktif. Ini tersedia dalam versi berbayar dan gratis.

Justin Bieber’s Biography and Career

Born in 1994 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, to a single mother, Justin Bieber took second place in the local talent competition at a young age and then turned into the YouTube phenomenon. He signed a record deal with Usher and became the first solo artist to have four singles entering the Top 40 before releasing a debut album. His album My World has become platinum in several countries, although later he experienced a ton of media exposure due to offensive activities. He still made a comeback in 2015 with the song No. The first 1, “What Do You Mean?”


Born on March 1, 1994, in the small town of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Justin Bieber was raised by a single mother. Bieber, whose debut album, My World, entered the store in November 2009, was an overnight success, having gone from an unknown and unknown singer whose mother posted YouTube clips about her son, to novice superstars with big record contracts, All in just two years.

Bieber always has an interest in music. His mother gave him a drum kit for his second birthday and, when he said it, he “basically beat everything I could get.”

YouTube sensation

But that is an unclear talent contest in his hometown, where 12-year-old Bieber occupies the second position placing him on the road to superstardom. As a way to share his singing with family, Justin and his mother began posting footage of Bieber’s performances from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Ne-Yo on YouTube.

Within a few months, Justin was an Internet sensation, with fans and great managers who arranged for the teenager to fly to Atlanta to consider a record deal. There, Bieber had met Usher, who finally signed the young singer for a contract. download mp3 gratis

First No. 1 Single and Grammy

After appearing in the leading Calvin Klein ad, Bieber was able to make a big comeback in 2015, beating the Top 10 summer hits with the collaboration of Diplo and Skrillex “Where Are” Now. “Then in October, Bieber occupied number 1’s first single” What Do You Mean? “, With both songs held by R & B songwriter Poo Bear. The following year, Bieber took his first Grammy, winning” Where Are “Now” in the category of Best Dance Recording.

Personal life

Teen idol Justin Bieber broke the hearts of many young female fans in 2010 when he began dating actress and television singer Selena Gomez. It’s not easy for Gomez to be Bieber’s girlfriend, because he was visited by some loyal followers. There was even a death threat posted against him on Twitter after the couple was photographed kissing while on vacation in 2011. The couple ended their relationship in November 2012.

4 Noble Clans in Konoha! The Strongest Clans That Build Villages!

According to the first Databook, there were 4 noble clans, but Senju was not included, you know!

Within the Konoha village, there were many clans who built the Konoha village, but there were 4 noble clans in Konoha that were classified differently from other clans.

Where did the list of 4 noble clans appear in Konoha? The first time it appeared in the first Naruto Databook , it was said that there was a Konoha noble clan that was different from the other clans. They are also classified as the strongest clan in Konoha (originating from Konoha). Then what’s up? Check out the list below.


It is not too surprising if Uchiha is included in the list of noble clans in Konoha, because the Uchiha are also one of the clans that built this village from the beginning.

Together with the Senju clan, Uchiha created the Konoha village, and at that time when it was created, its name still did not exist.

The person who named this village was a person from Uchiha, namely Madara who gave the name Konoha which means hidden leaf village.

In addition, Madara almost became the first Hokage, if Tobirama did not give advice (or orders) to hold open elections between Hashirama and Madara.

In the modern era before they were massacred by Itachi and Obito, Uchiha worked as a Konoha police force that dealt with minor criminal problems in the village. But because of their position, they are hated by the village, because some theories say that justice enforcers are the most hated people there.


Aburame is a clan that contains great people, where the body of each member of the Aburame clan is the nest of many insects that they can use as a fighting tool, it turns out that Aburame is one of the noble clans in Konoha.

This clan may indeed not be seen too often “contributing” to the village of Konoha, even though some moments still need their presence.

For example, when I wanted to keep Naruto from going out into the Fourth Ninja World War, even Shino’s father Shibi Aburame went straight down.

On the other hand, although there were many clans in Konoha, only a few large clans were called to discuss strategies when Konoha was attacked by the Nine-Tailed Fox (born of Naruto), and Aburame was one of them.

The techniques of the Aburame clan are indeed unique and also “terrible” for some people. Imagining that your body is being infested with insects is frightening, this is the insects lingering in the body and carrying out mutualism symbiotic relationships. But it must be admitted that the insects are strong and dangerous.


The next list of noble clans in Konoha was the Akimichi clan. Here, even though the family of the Akimichi clan is very numerous, it still uses the main family head system.

Today, there are already 16 heads of families, and the 16th head of the family is the character we know, namely Chouji.

Because as explained in Paragprap earlier, the noble clan in Konoha is the same and is considered the most powerful clan in Konoha, so Akimichi has “real” evidence here.

Most of the members of the Akimichi clan will manipulate their body’s abilities for pure physical attacks, and they can manipulate calories into Chakra.

Because the calories in the body become Chakra, then he has a large Chakra stock, the problem is different from Uzumaki whose boundaries are almost invisible, the Akimichi clan is not suitable for long-term combat, even though once the attack was very strong.


Finally, from the list of 4 noble clans in Konoha, Hyuga, there must have been many who thought that this clan must be present, huh.

So, just like Akimichi, Hyuga is also a large clan family, but still uses the main family head system as clan leader.

Currently the head of the family and the main leader are still Hiashi Hyuga, father of Hinata and Hanabi, but will be continued by his second daughter, Hanabi.

When discussing strength, Hyuga doesn’t need to doubt it. Hyuga is like having a combination of eye Dojutsu like Uchiha (although the function is different), plus physical strength like Akimichi (though not too strong).

Hyuga fights faster and utilizes the ability of their eyes to see the opponent’s Chakra flow, and uses Juuken’s technique to close every Chakra hole that his opponent has.

The impact is Anoboy baki very useful in battle, because the opponent cannot use Chakra, which means that he cannot use Jutsu. On the other hand, Juken techniques can also make the opponent unable to move and helpless.