Insert a Watermark in Ms Word

Inserting / Adding a Watermark to Microsoft Word needs to be done by colleagues if the data for colleagues is considered important and to avoid things that are not desired, for example: copy paste data content, data theft, or maybe to show the authenticity of the data we make. that way the watermark can be useful under certain conditions which of course can add options to protect the data that your partner creates in ms word.

To insert a watermark in Microsoft Word itself is not so difficult, because colleagues only need to prepare the data document that they want to insert with the watermark, for more details about how to insert / add watermarks in MS Word can listen to the following explanation belajar microsoft

Insert a Watermark in Ms Word

  • Please open the data that will be included with the watermark with ms word, or if the document is still new, it means that the partner just needs to create a new document in ms word
  • Next, click the Page Layout menu tab >> Watermark , here you can choose the type of watermark directly from the available options or create your own watermark text by selecting Custom Watermark to specify the watermark text.
  • Then the display will appear, here the colleague can make a watermark from the image / text or text, in this example I use a plain text watermark, that is by activating the Text watermark option , enter for example ” In Prohibit Copying ” in the Text section. Select the font, for example, Arial Black, then click the OK button.
  • Finish, and now see the results

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