Can Naruto Beat Hashirama?

Naruto and Hashirama are arguably the two powerful Hokage that have existed to date. However, could Naruto defeat Hashirama?

Who is here who likes to play two characters to fight each other? Certainly some of you often aren’t you? My world will create a new rubric where we will poke two characters that are often questioned by fans, with reasons and possibilities of course. This time, can Naruto defeat Hashirama?

We will discuss it from the current conditions, or the prime condition of each character. Because it is impossible for Hashirama’s version of the First Hokage to fight the small version of Naruto, right?

Suppose both of them fight in top condition when both of them are both serving as Hokage, then can Naruto defeat Hashirama? Listen to the band here!


Discussing Naruto, he must also discuss the speed he has. Naruto is arguably one of the fastest ninja, especially in his own era.

But in the past era, there were also two from Konoha who were dubbed the fastest, namely Tobirama and Minato. Why bring these two names? In the Fourth Ninja World War, Tobirama and Minato struggled to keep up with Madara’s speed in the Six Path or Jinchuriki Juubi versions.

On the other hand, Naruto could fight Madara in speed here, making Naruto faster than Tobirama and Minato. Returning to Hashirama, the First Hokage was not faster than Tobirama and Minato, even Tobirama was called the fastest Shinobi in his era (which Hashirama still had).


It’s a bit cheating here, because Naruto has a large Chakra innate to Uzumaki, plus there is Kurama inside his body. But this point also shows why Naruto can defeat Hashirama.

Hashirama was nicknamed the God of Shinobi not without reason. The amount of Chakra, regeneration ability, and also the basic Chakra ability is above average. He could fight all day long against Madara, and ended with his victory.

If Naruto did not have Kurama, it was certain that Naruto was still not on level with Hashirama, but we discussed the fact that Naruto was indeed born and raised with Kurama.

About endurance, Naruto is also no less powerful. Also in the Fourth Ninja World War he fought from noon, to noon again! His opponent is also not playing games, ranging from the previous Kage, Obito, Juubi, Madara, Kaguya, to Sasuke.

Even then Naruto distributed Chakranya to all the other Shinobi in the war, plus he almost died because Kurama was removed from his body, but Obito included some of Biju’s 9th Chakra plus help from Hagoromo, Hashirama explained.

The point that can make Naruto difficult is Hashirama’s automatic regeneration technique, which if this battle occurs, it will take a long time, maybe days.

3.Sage Mode

Again in the end, we have to admit that Naruto’s Sage Mode ability is at a different level, even with Hashirama.

If both of them enter Sage Mode, Hashirama’s Mokuton abilities are at a different level, and certainly more dangerous. Hashirama will issue the Shin Susenju Senpo Mokuton technique, which is a giant wooden statue with a thousand hands. This is also strong, because its natural energy goes in here, and even this wooden statue can rain the land with its fists, and can catch Biju Dama and make it like the Rasengan.

But what about Naruto? He is stronger here. When fighting Sasuke, Kurama meditated to collect natural energy, which turned out to be very large! It was said that even the natural energy in the vast distance around Naruto he was absorbed out, because of that Kurama just turned into Ashura mode with three heads.

4.Senpo Yoton Rasenshuriken

An overpowered technique that many people may not realize. Hashirama does have Mokuton, but Naruto collaborates with Yonbi or Son Goku, can create a combination of natural energy from Sage Mode, plus Rasenshuriken, with lava elements, be Senpo Yoton Rasenshuriken.

If you forget, when Naruto used this technique, Madara Jinchuriki Mode just ran away, and Naruto managed to tear Madara’s stomach, while cutting the Chakra Tree!

Hashirama’s Mokuton is not comparable to the Chakra Tree, but Naruto cuts it!

5.9 Biju

It was true that Hashirama was able to defeat Madara with Kurama, which Kurunya was also called Susanoo, but Hashirama was only fighting Kurama.

Hashirama is also said to have captured 5 of 9 Biju, but it is unknown whether he defeated all five at once or one by one, which in our opinion he caught him one by one.

Now imagine, the four possibilities in the previous point, plus the fact that some (actually large) of Biju’s 9th Chakra were all in Naruto’s body, and could help him at any time, certainly not an easy fight for Hashirama, especially if everything appeared and fought to help Naruto. nonton anime

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