2 Easy Ways to Choose Potential Keywords

Say you are ready to do a SEO process or entrust your SEO website or online store to SEO services, now the question is: What keywords will you optimize?

Doing SEO without knowing what keywords are targeted is tantamount to driving without knowing its purpose. So it’s not wrong to say that determining keywords is the first thing to do in the SEO process.

What are keywords?
Keyword is a word, a combination of several words, or a sentence that you type on Google when searching. If interpreted in the context of SEO, then keywords are words, a combination of several words, or sentences that when typed by you and all people who use the same version of Google , will bring up your website page in the search results.

Then how do you get the keywords that are suitable and good for your website or online store? Here are 3 tips from us.

1. Google Suggestion
The easiest way to determine keywords is to use the Google Suggestion feature. Suppose you are a manufacturer or distributor of mountain bags in Indonesia. Then point keyword research database
your browser to Google.co.id, the setting also uses Indonesian, then type ‘mount bag’ in the search column. After the search page appears, scroll down, then see the keyword suggestion listed, the keywords that are suitable for you to target.

2. Google Keyword Planner
Another way to determine which keywords you can do is to use Google Keyword Planner tools, this method is a little more complicated but produces more complete data. Here’s how,

Access adwords.google.com then log into it using your google account. If you don’t have a Google Adwors account, you can sign up for free. After logging into Google Adwors, click Tools , then click Keyword Planner .

In the options what would you like to do , click search for new keywords and ad group ideas , then enter ‘mountain bags’ in your product or service ‘ column , and set ‘Indonesia’ as the target location and language, then click Get Ideas .

Recommended keywords will appear in the form of group ideas , click the Keyword ideas tab to bring up all the keyword recommendations. In the table that appears, you can see various keyword recommendations along with the average number of searches performed on these keywords every month ( Avg. Montly searches ).

The higher the search, the more difficult the SEO process will be, but if it works then your website or online store page will appear more often on Google search pages, which can also be said to make your website and online store traffic potential higher.

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