Tips for Choosing Men’s Boots

Boots are known to be synonymous with masculinity and style that tends to be vintage and elegant, of course depending on the model and material for making these boots. This men’s shoe is made of strong material and has a unique shape. If in the past, boots were identical to the field workers, now the assumption is no longer valid, because various types of boots can complement the various purposes of the use and style of men. moda masculina

Arguably boots are the most ‘safe’ type of shoes used on various occasions, both casual, semi-formal and formal. Generally boots are made of 3 kinds of material, namely genuine leather, synthetic leather and suede. Just like other types of shoes such as sneakers, boots also have their own types and characteristics like the following:

Chelsea boots are high-cut boots, thin soles and sleek designs with the characteristics of elastic rubber panels on the side and have no straps.

Chukka boots are boots that are similar to Chelsea boots, only Chukka boots have two or three holes and are usually made of suede.

Hiking boots. As the name implies, these shoes are used to climb mountains or through steep terrain in extreme sports. Delta shoes are one type of hiking boots.

Motorcycle boots are high-cut (half-knee) boots and are not strung, the strap function is replaced by a small strap or belt.

Military boots are the most common boots we see, high-cut with straps 5 to 11 with a slightly jagged soles.

Cowboy boots have a slightly tapered shape on the front, high cut with a 2 inch heel.

Boots are not only because they are suitable for use on various types of occasions or events, especially because they are also comfortable to wear and trendy. Men who like to use boots are identical to strong, independent, assertive, and pleasant personality characters. To support the comfort of a traveler in using boots, here are tips on choosing boots:

1. Adjust to your posture

Not all boots will match the wearer, especially the model or cut. You are short, for example, less suitable to use high-cut boots because it will make your body look ‘drowned’. Conversely, low-cut boots or ankle boots will make your legs appear longer.

2. Adjust Size

Just like choosing sports shoes, sneakers and other men’s shoes , you also have to understand that boots that are the right size in the sense that they are not too big and not too narrow will feel more comfortable on the feet and do not get tired quickly. Don’t forget when trying boots, use socks first to make sure that the boots really fit your feet even with or without socks.

3. Don’t forget the quality of materials and stitches

Whatever type of boots you choose, you still have to pay attention to the quality of the materials used and the neatness of the stitches. Be sure to choose boots with the soles that are strong, flexible but not slippery. For the quality of the manufacturing materials, boots with genuine leather or genuine leather will be better and more durable than synthetic leather or suede boots.